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Tuberculosis(TB)-Types,Causes,Symptoms and Treatment

tb symptoms causes and treatment
tb symptoms causes types and treatment
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Tuberculosis is world oldest infectious disease.it is caused by a bacteria which name is Mycobacterium tuberculosis.this bacteria itself can occur in the blood in the kidneys in the brain but the most common place in occurring is in the lungs.Tuberculosis is an airborne infectious disease that is spread person to person through infected droplets.if a person has active tuberculosis in their lungs and they cough or sneeze those droplets could infect another person who is in close physical proximity to the person who has the infection.it is important to note however tuberculosis cannot be spread by shaking hands or sharing food or drink or by touching a hard surface.
Types of TB
There are two common types of TB.
Pulmonary TB
Pulmonary tuberculosis is caused by bacteria that is Mycobacterium tuberculosis hominids.That is a most common strain that can cause Pulmonary tuberculosis.One thing you have to remember particularly in immunocompromised persons some other strains of Mycobacterium can also result in pulmonary disease.Those other strains of mycobacterium that can also result in pulmonary diseases include mycobacterium cancer C and mycobacterium aviaum intracellular E.
Extra Pulmonary TB
Sometimes I have patients that test positive for tuberculosis either on the blood test or the skin test.when we do the sputum cultures the sputum comes back negative showing that they don’t have active diseases in their lungs.However, sometimes those chest x-rays also show disease that’s outside of the lungs or possibly there can be medical findings that indicate the tuberculosis disease is outside of the lungs.in this case, the person receives the diagnosis of tuberculosis type extrapulmonary.extrapulmonary means outside the pulmonary area or outside the lungs.
Symptoms Of Tuberculosis
Typically when you have active tuberculosis you have

• low-grade fever

• Cough

• Hemoptysis

• Night Sweats

• Weakness

• Fatigue

• weight loss
How To Cure Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis treatment is the long-term process.
Once you identify tuberculosis it’s important to be on a regular medication in allopathic medicine as per WHO.There is a particular regime which is prescribed a continuous medication for six to nine months.the patient has to be very regular to follow this irregularity in the medicine can lead to drug-resistant tuberculosis which is becoming very common nowadays.because people are not regular they don’t follow the course completely in between they break the person again so gradually the immune immunity which has to develop does not develop and the organism becomes resistant to the medicine.