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What is Gonorrhea?- Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

what is gonorrhea? It's causes and symptoms
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What Is Gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection also known as STI.it can infect both men and women who are sexually active.Gonorrhea is common there about half a million cases of gonorrhea in the united states per year.it moves from one person to another by several mechanisms.most commonly gonorrhea will be transmitted through sex.which can include oral sex, vaginal sex, or even anal sex.another important mechanism of the transmission includes childbirth.

Causes Of Gonorrhea

A lot of people want to know “What is the cause of Gonorrhea?”

If you have many sex partners, you have a partner where the past history of sexually
transmitted diseases(STD), you do not use the condom during the sex, you abuse alcohol or illegal substances, In these cases, you may suffer from this disease.
Gonorrhea caused by a bacterium which name is Neisseria gonorrhoeae.The bacteria grow in warm, washed area of the body.this can include the tube that carries the urine out of the
body.which is known as a urethra.
In Women, the bacteria may found in the reproductive tract which includes the fallopian tubes, uterus, and cervix.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea

In Man

Pain When You Pee
Most common symptoms would be a very painful sensation when you pee.
Need to urinate urgently
Unusual Discharge from the penis this could be yellow, green or can sometimes be a white and cloudy appearance in your urine.
Painful testicle
In these case, the testicles may become swollen.it may be red to look.it may be very hot to touch.
Sore Throat
If you have gonorrhea in your throat occasionally you have a sore throat.

In Woman

Unusual  discharge
Many women have a vaginal discharge anyway.it is yellow, Greenish there would be common colors of a discharge due to gonorrhea.
Abnormal Bleeding
They may have to bleed after sex or in between the periods.
Pain During Sex
The third very common symptoms would be pain during sex.
Pelvic pain
This is the area around or beneath your belly button, down to around the vagina.there could be a dull ache or can be a sharp stabbing pain.

How Is Gonorrhea Diagnosed?

if you have any symptoms such as discharge from the urethral tract, the urinary tract, the penis, the vagina.you would go to your family physician and discuss that with him.It is diagnosed actually is a culture swab.Whether it is in the general area where the swab is taken or somewhere else where the infection can take place such as in the mouth.
Test For Gonorrhea
Gonorrhea can be tested for at the same time as testing for chlamydia by providing a urine sample at a pathology collection center.

How to Treat Gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is getting harder to treat.Gonorrhea can be treated with some antibiotics.Unfortunately, recently treatment for gonorrhea has become more difficult due to the bacteria that causes the infection becoming more resistant to certain antibiotics.
If you have been diagnosed with gonorrhea please notify any sexual contacts that you have been recently who may have either caught the infection from you, or you have given it to them.