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6 Amazing Health Benefits of Tomatoes

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Tomato is a delightful vegetable. This is a delicious and nutritious is round in shape with red is good for health. Tomato pair is very much like vegetables. Earlier people were considering tomatoes as a fruit, but later on, it was noticed that neither is it too sour nor sweet. So this was taken out from the category of the fruit and was transferred to the category of the vegetables.

Nutrition Facts

Tomatoes also contain nutritious ingredients. Although the tomato is placed in different forms and its shape is different from each other, but all are equally nutritional.
Tomato contains heavy amounts of vitamins C, vitamins A, anti-oxidant, potassium and iron. The red colour of tomatoes is called lycopene, which prevents heart disease, impotence, purifies the blood, prevents cancer, prevents inflammatory disease like osteoporosis & Alzheimer, it is also used in the manufacture of skin care products & beauty products.

Usage Of Tomatoes

Tomatoes is used for ages in various ways. People are using it as Salad and also in the Indian cooking. it is used very widely. It is eaten raw or cooking deliciously in the same way. Tomato can be eaten in both these raw and raw foods. If you do not cook the tomato nutrients, The nutritious nutrients are reduced by cooking.

Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

Best For Cancer

Tomatoes reduce the risk of cancer. Its red colour is just because lycopene has such particles which are cancer protective. So, those who have the problem of Lung Cancer, stomach cancer for those these tomatoes are very useful. And especially in prostate cancer, it is been noticed after study that using tomatoes is always helpful in the prostate cancer.

If you will use tomatoes, especially when you are in between the age of 40- 50 years then, you will find that this tomato can save you from prostate cancer. So, the moment you wake up in the morning keep on thing in your mind to drink 1 glass of tomato juice Be careful that you don’t add too much of salt into the juice, people usually add so much of salt.even if you want to add salt then go for a pinch of Black Salt And with the juices of 1 glass of tomato juice, you will notice that you can save yourself from the prostate cancer.

Weight Loss

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and minerals, which help reduce weight. It boosts metabolism, and burns cholesterol and contain water and fibre which helps to lose weight.

Heart Diseases

One more and very good health benefit of tomato is that it protects you the heart diseases. tomato contains Niacin, Folic and Vitamin B6, which is very important to have a healthy heart. So, if you will regularly use tomatoes that the risk of heart diseases will be very low.

Prevention Of DNA

One more quality of the tomato is that it helps in the prevention of damaging of DNA. Tomato has Vitamin A and C which helps to DNA to damage from Free Radical Due to this what all problems come due to growing age and problems related to age, it fights with them.

Good For Skin And Hair

Tomatoes are full of Anti-oxidants which is necessary for the healthy hair and skin. After eating tomato the skin becomes contains vitamin C and antioxidants, which helps to remove the oil from the skin. make juice of 1- 2 tomatoes and apply it on the face. wash the face after 20 mins pimples, blackheads, suntan will be cleared from the face.

Protects from Thrombosis

Thrombosis blood clotting starts in the blood vessel and due to this, oxygen is not supplied to the whole body. So, if you will drink 1 glass of tomato juice empty stomach then you will notice that you will be relieved of Thrombosis. Those who already have Thrombosis problem, they must use tomatoes, for them also it’s beneficial.

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